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What is coaching?

It's a professional relationship by which a person (the “coach”) helps and guides another (the "coachee") in a process of improvement, change, decision-making or to overcome a deadlock situation, which may be negatively impacting his/her quality of life. The coach helps the coachee identify his/her goals and meet them, both professionally and personally.

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How do I work as coach?

By listening and asking the right questions to help the person to become aware of his/her reality and help him/her achieve their goals.

If the coachee is really willing to change something about his/her life, I am there to help, always respecting his/her autonomy and responsibility to take his/her own decisions. After all, I am not a counsellor or a therapist.

My position is of respect, fairness, and, of course, confidentiality (you may check the International Coach Federation ICF Code of Ethics).


How long does a coaching process take?

It depends on the situation and the target; there are processes that can be completed in one or two sessions, as in the case of preparation of a job interview. Others are longer, for example, when looking for a deep career change. In this case, they might last several months and logically involving a higher number of sessions.

A coaching process is not oriented towards the long term, but to treat specific situations. The aim is to set clear and precise goals to avoid unproductive dependencies between both parties.

And, how does it work?

During the sessions we will determine the objectives, plan the actions to be taken, discuss about the obstacles that arise along the way, and measure progress in relation to the degree of fulfilment of the objectives.

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In addition, a coaching process usually involves that between sessions the coachee will perform a series of exercises on his/her own, previously agreed with me. It is therefore essential that the person is fully involved and motivated in achieving his/her targets. Any process of change requires an effort.

Coaching sessions usually take place in person (in Brussels or elsewhere upon agreement) but can also be performed remotely (coaching online, by phone). Each session lasts around 75 minutes.

Coaching in 3 languages

We can work together in English, French or Spanish.

Why is coaching a very useful exercise?

We generally live so immersed in our day to day, that it is difficult to take a moment to pause and to rethink what are our priorities. Once we finally get around to tackling them, we do not always find the courage to find suitable solutions. The time we spend on coaching provides tremendous value by allowing us to see our lives from a different view to be able to unblock us and help us find realistic solutions.

What is not coaching?

It is not training nor mentoring, as it does not entail a transfer of knowledge from the coach to the coachee.

It is not consulting or counselling, as it is not based on recommendations or advice. The solutions arise through an open dialogue between the parties.

It is not therapy, as that focuses on people with problems too stuck in the past, or show pathological disorders. Coaching essentially puts the focus on the present and future of the person and how to reach his/her goals.

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