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My name is Ramon Lopez-Pelaez and I was born in Spain in 1978.

Once completed my studies of Economy at the University of Granada and MBA degree in Madrid, my curiosity for multicultural environments and new challenges made me move abroad, first to Brighton (United Kingdom) and then to Brussels (Belgium), where I live since 2005.

I started my professional career in finance and consulting, working for a bank for more than 6 years. It was then when I first got in contact with coaching and professional development topics. Mentoring and training newcomers to the business and supporting peers in their own development at work were the functions that I enjoyed the most.

However, I felt that this wasn't enough, that I was not in the right job, not even in the right career path...

After months of reflection and searching for my own answers, I decided to be honest with myself. I decided to change. I gave a spin to my career and branched out to an activity that I am truly passionate about and I believe will provide most value to society: professional and life coaching.

I got trained as a coach in the 'Leading and Coaching Academy' of Brussels -recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)- and I'm constantly expanding my knowledge by participating in seminars, courses and conferences.

My clients are individuals and companies. My multifaceted and multicultural profile has allowed me doing coaching processes with 300+ people from 20+ different nationalities, coming from all kind of industries (multinationals, European institutions, entrepreneurs, job searchers included) and with much diversified profiles.

In addition, I currently manage projects related to employment, youth and entrepreneurship for the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg. One of them, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a EU funded program. I also manage an online platform to connect candidates and companies.

Helping others to develop their potential, achieve their goals and, ultimately be happier, is what drives me in my work. My personal experience in profound processes of change and personal reinvention and my long hours of practice endorse me as coach.

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Ramón López-Peláez