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Amongst others, I have done coaching with professionals, both of private and public sector, people in internal transitions from one function to another, or entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. I also perform outplacement processes for companies.

If you see yourself reflected in what I say, do not hesitate to contact me. Coaching is a good investment because it will allow you to know yourself better.

You will reap its fruits today and throughout your whole life.


Ramon has been of immense help in this journey. I needed a plan to tackle the hard and arduous task of finding a job. His knowledge and personal insights helped me to focus my ideas and clearly define the strengths and weaknesses that I can bring to the table.

On a personal level, Ramon is a good heartened and considerate person whose intention is to provide the best possible results for his clients.


I was looking for a career coach because I reached a point in my professional career that I felt unhappy and frustrated. I did not know if I wanted to continue what I was doing or to choose a complete new path. I only needed two sessions with Ramon to have a “break-through”. I quickly found the “solution” to my problem due to his great coaching skills.

He always asked the right questions. He never suggested any solution but just helped me looking at the problem from a different angle.


The coaching sessions with Ramon were very useful. Ramon knows how to listen and asks the right questions. Our conversations helped me to evolve in my thinking process, find my own resources and take my own decisions, according to my skills and priorities. During the talks a pleasant climate is created facilitating the work, motivated by the good predisposition of Ramon.

I would recommend his work to anyone who wants to progress in some way in his professional life.


I decided to look for a coach because I was in a moment where I had lost motivation for my goal. In fact, I had lost sight of them. I was not at ease in my work and had no motivation for anything in general. The 4 sessions I had with Ramon boosted me personally and professionally, taking away my fear for change and look for alternative ways. It was something like an awakening.

It is important to access professionals like him to have an external opinion to our environment and just as valid as any other. It is important to feel heard and supported by someone who does not know us, as we can be more honest with ourselves.


When I went to Ramon I had come to a point in my life in which I knew that what I was doing didn't really represent me. Even though I already had an idea of how to change it, I didn't feel 100% secure in my choice. Ramon made me gain confidence in my decision and helped me understand what practical steps I'd need to take to get there. Ramon is a very good listener and asks the exactly right questions which lead you to a better understanding of yourself, your worries and concerns.


I went to Ramon at a point in my life where I had already tried almost everything to bring about positive change both personally and professionally. While it is true that I was a bit sceptical during the first sessions –I felt blocked for years, unable to make decisions- I soon began to trust Ramón: he is a qualified professional and a very empathic person.

While always respecting my inner voice, he was able to touch the necessary keys to help me triggering my enthusiasm for changing and set the actions to achieve it. I very much appreciate the work we did together.

Thank you so much.


I had 7 coaching sessions with Ramon over a time period of 10 months. Ramon is very nice, personable and kind. I am a bit emotional and tend to cry easily and Ramon always showed lots of compassion and empathy and made me feel in a safe and comfortable environment during our coaching sessions. I started seeing Ramon at a point in my life where I felt stuck in a corner and didn’t know how to move forward. Already after our first session I had gained much more clarity and perspective. Ramon helped me identify my goals and find my strength to pursue these. I was a bit amazed that we only needed such a little number of sessions to already make such a huge step forward.

I think everyone should work with a personal coach from time to time as it is very helpful for your own personal and professional development and I can for sure recommend Ramon as a life coach.


I went to Ramon at a point in my life when I felt incapable of making decisions (both professional and personal) and in which my boss had managed to frighten me and make me feel worthless, which affected me a lot psychologically. Ramon helped me formulate my thoughts in a positive way, to become aware of my values and better manage stressful situations.

Now I have achieved my goal and I'm happy!


Have you never been sitting in a meeting at work and caught yourself thinking: «what am I actually doing here?»?

Or found yourself in the situation where you are looking for new opportunities on the job market but don't really know where to start at, what direction to take? You feel sometimes overwhelmed by confronting your deep professional desires with the real world?

I have experienced these cases and for this reason, when I saw Ramón's add, I felt very intrigued and attracted by the simplicity of the message which was pinned on the wall and as if directly speaking to me: “if not now, when?”.

Since that day several months ago, Ramón, has immensely helped me to clarify my professional objective(s) by making me aware of my work related expectations and qualities.

He is an incredible listener, whose patience and will to get to the heart of the coachee's doubts/fears/uncertainties, has been the most useful technique and approach since I am job hunting.

By asking a wide range of open questions, making suggestions of possible food for thought, Ramón transforms his/her interlocutor's messages into an organized structure of ideas.

I would strongly recommend Ramón to absolutely everyone, as I think every person would benefit from a professional “check-up” every now and then!


I saw Ramon's announcement on one of the expat's distribution lists. As I found myself at a crossroads and was uncomfortable with a decision I had to make, I told myself "why not try?”. We saw each other only 4 or 5 times, during which Ramon helped me streamline my priorities, simply by making me look at things from a different angle. He also rebooted my self-confidence.
It's good to have a Ramon around!


I strongly recommend Ramon as career/development coach. I experienced several coaching sessions with him about six months ago during which he helped me clarify and achieve my professional goals. He’s great to work with: approachable, terrific listener, non-judgmental, and a voice of wisdom. He has been invaluable in helping me reach crucial professional milestones.


Ramon is a great listener with a structured method to organise and prioritise ideas and paths. I would definitely recommend Ramon as a professional development coach.


Ramon is a great listener, patient and down-to-earth coach: in his sessions, he is capable to organise the coachee's ideas and ensure that he or she will bring them forward.


I was quite sceptical of receiving coaching at first, for various reasons. I also didn't think I had the time or the energy to do it properly. But I had received good coaching at work once or twice before and knew that if it was done well it could be invaluable.

I went to Ramon as a kind of sounding board on an idea I had to switch careers. He seemed like someone I could trust, that I could confide in him and I knew he would listen.

Ramon was much more than a sounding board - he really challenged me when he sensed I wasn't getting to the heart of what I wanted to say. Often times that crossed over from pure career coaching into a bit of life coaching as well.

It was clear from the start that it wasn't just a job for him or just another appointment with a client; he genuinely wanted to help me find the answers I was looking for so that I could decide my next steps.

I'm not 100% there yet but through Ramon's coaching I have discovered certain truths about my career interests and my passions in life. These truths will guide me I think for the rest of my career. For that I am very grateful.

Alex S.

Ramon is a down-to-earth coach able to help you find the essentials with simplicity. It is natural in him. With his questions I was able to find the answers to my own questions in a very short time.

I am truly thankful.


I followed eight coaching sessions with Ramon and found them very useful. I found him very pleasant to talk with and at the same time strict and sure about where he wanted to get. I was at a moment in my life where I needed a change in my job but was not able to believe in myself and in my capacities to get where I wanted to get. Amongst other things, his sessions helped me to clarify that I would not jump into any new job for fear not to find the one I wanted ("the problem is not into pointing high and fail, but into pointing low and getting it").

I also remember with particular intensity a session in which he helped me to visualize the benefits of avoiding procrastination. I would not doubt to follow more sessions with Ramon at any moment in which I find myself lost again


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