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Need a career change? Does your current job no longer motivate you? Do you feel you are at a crossroads and you are not sure which direction to take?

My work as a coach focuses on helping you identify your personal and professional goals and set up a plan to reach them. Amongst other things, this means:

star-bullet Better handle difficult situations in your professional and personal life
star-bullet Reinvent yourself. Go through a career transition process
star-bullet Be fully aware of your strengths and qualities to succeed in your process of change
star-bullet Be a stronger candidate in the job market: fine tune your CV and motivation letter, prepare job interviews , etc.

As a result, you will end up knowing yourself better and with a boosted self-esteem to face your challenges ahead.


  • I was looking for a career coach because I reached a point in my professional career that I felt unhappy and frustrated. I did not know if I wanted to continue what I was doing or to choose a complete new path.

    I only needed two sessions with Ramon to have a “break-through”. I quickly found the “solution” to my problem ...


  • I was quite sceptical of receiving coaching at first, for various reasons. I also didn't think I had the time or the energy to do it properly. But I had received good coaching at work once or twice before and knew that if it was done well it could be invaluable.

    I went to Ramon as a kind of sounding board ...

    Alex S.

  • I strongly recommend Ramon as career development coach. I experienced several coaching sessions with him about six months ago during which he helped me clarify and achieve my professional goals.

    He’s great to work with, approachable, terrific listener, non judgmental, and a voice of wisdom. He's been invaluable ...


  • I decided to look for a coach because I was in a moment where I had lost motivation for my goal. In fact, I had lost sight of them. I was not at ease in my work and had no motivation for anything in general.

    The 4 sessions I had with Ramon boosted me personally and professionally ...


  • Ramon is a down-to-earth coach able to help you find the essentials with simplicity. It is natural in him. With his questions I was able to find the answers to my own questions in a very short time.

    I am truly thankful.



... a professional relationship by which a person (the “coach”) helps and guides another (the "coachee") in a process of improvement, change, decision-making or to overcome a deadlock situation, which may be negatively impacting his/her quality of life.

The coach helps the coachee identify his/her goals and meet them, both professionally and personally.

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